MutagenNFT is an NFT collection by internationally acclaimed artists and Solidity developers.

It includes 40 NFTs (Geneses) that are on-chain mutable and revenue-generating.

Accompanied by 4096 deflationary machine-generated NFTs (Mutagens) that the Genesis holders have to burn to trigger mutations and thereby unlock their accumulated Print fees.

The third token type is Prints, static snapshots that capture the state of a Genesis. The price of Prints runs on a bonding curve where 90% of the mint fee gets locked for instant liquidity for Print holders (you can always burn it back for ETH) and 5% each goes to the owner of the Genesis and Mutagen team.

Collect Geneses

Collect Mutagens

Create Prints


Our goal is to onboard more institutionally established artists into the NFT world in a more fun and creative way than just one-off NFT artworks.

Ethereum enables a lot of new features that were not possible before, and we aim to introduce these opportunities to ‘traditional’ artists on the one hand and present quality contemporary art to the NFT world on the other, thereby expanding the boundaries of the current NFT market. Mutagen mixes institutionally established art with (Solidity) developers.

Mutagen is supported by edgar.eth, Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, and Sten Tamkivi.

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